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Nutritional Counseling

Today, it is getting more and more difficult to get the proper nutrition for our body. Much of the "food" today is over processed, over sugared, and over cooked.
Animals are fed hormones and anti-biotics, much of our vegetables and fruits are grown in soil that is low in many important minerals and often exposed to pesticides and other poisons, and of course everyone knows that the water quality is very shaky. And what can make matters worse is that our body is often unprepared to accept the nutrients we eat. Just think of the 30 minute lunch break and other stresses that make digestion almost impossible. More and more people today are hooked on antacids and anti constipation medicines. Is this how we were intended to live? Of course not!
To help your body regain and maintain proper chemical balance we use one of the world's best lines of nutrient support products. The name of the company making these products is Standard Process. This company has been around since 1929 (2472) and is based in the U.S.A.
They have a huge farm where they organically grow everything and have developed a process to capture the nutrients of these foods in a way that allows your body to absorb the nutrition better and have better overall health without dangerous side effects.
You may say that you already are taking vitamins, minerals, or Chinese herbs. However, the sad fact is that most of these supplements are either artificial, inconsistent, or cheaply made using heat processing and non-vegetable based packing. Even the very well known brands are guilty of this. So what happens when you eat many of these products is that your body usually does not absorb the important nutrients at all and they just run through you…wasted! Billions of dollars spent on vitamins and other supplements are literally being flushed down the toilet every year. This is the dirty little secret in the nutrition business. Our products are customized for your special needs and are easily digested and absorbed in to you body for better results. After all, it's not what you eat but what your body can use that counts!